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Try not to fall in love with the exquisite simplicity of this tiny home’s living room

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The Music City Tiny House This house has one of the most unique exterior layouts available. With the words ‘music city’ predominantly displayed on the outside of the house the owners pay tribute to their Tennessee community. The interior is more traditional than most.
It can be hard to create a white interior in a small space. But the Music City Tiny House does it well with the right amount contrast, particularly with the wood floors. The interior appears larger because it reflects the natural light.
TheMusic City Tiny House featurIt includes a living room, bathroom and bedrooms.
This entry demonstrates the simplicity of the Music City Tiny House design. A loft, a bathroom with a foyer and a living space are all intertwined in a fluid, yet distinct way.

The kitchen can be seen from the opposite direction. This view shows the upstairs loft and the unique, full-wall shelving which is both functional as well as decorative.

The kitchen has three great factors going for it – white, bright, and wide.
These steps to the upstairs loft are stationary and invoke the tiny house mantra about underneath storage. However, they have also found a way for the refrigerator to fit in the space.
The indoor living space has a lovely flow.
Perhaps the biggest problem with the Music City Tiny Home? The cramped lofts. This could cause headaches when you are awakened by an alarm.
The bathroom is the most important area in a home that has as much space as the Music City Tiny House. It still retains a comfortable functionality.