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Wax nostalgic in this tradition-filled 2-bedroom tiny red house

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Mount Hood Tiny House Village offers a variety of tiny homes to rent just a few minutes from Portland, Oregon. Hood National Forest.
The Scarlett Tiny House, a cherry-red home with a classic roof line, a trim white picket fencing, and a small porch, is praised for its “farmhouse appeal” as Mount Hood is just around the corner.

The Tumbleweed Tiny House Company in Sonoma, Calif., is responsible for the homes in this micro-shelter. They take their mission to build eco-friendly structures very seriously. See what they came up.

Here’s an image of the Scarlett Tiny House to give you a feel for the surrounding area. This community consists of five Tumbleweed structures that are all oozing in charm. The Scarlett was based on Tumbleweed’s Elm model.
This is a fantastic shot of the basement. The dining room table is in the foreground to the left. In the background, the door to bathroom and the bedroom are visible. A second ladder might be hanging on the walls. This ladder gives access to the second loft which is located above the photographer’s heads.

This is the reverse view. The second loft is visible, as well as the front door. You can see a flat-screen TV in the upper left corner.
In the foreground, on the right, the kitchen sink appears to be elongated.

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