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Welcome to Keva, a peaceful tiny retreat in British Columbia (watch video)

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The wood exterior of this tiny house may give visitors the first impression that it is nothing more than a simple wooden house. But that’s not the case. Rebecca Grim, 27, is a yoga instructor who lives in a tiny home. She calls it “Keva”, and according to the Huffington PostIt’s a shorthand for the Hindu-related word Kevala, which means “peaceful” and “pure, simple.” The Huffington Post describes this “enchanting woodland resort” as being perfect.

The 15 foot high ceilings of this tiny house, along with some brilliant design elements, give the impression that the home is much bigger than it really can be. The house is 232 square feet and is parked on the land of Grim’s friends. She explains that the house cost $50,000 to build and the $300 rent covers parking, Wi-Fi, water, electricity and orchard access.

This small house feels like it can easily accommodate large groups due to the clever storage and unique use of window space. It does. Grim told the Huffington Post that “I don’t always have people over, but when I do there can be up to 10 people in a circle in the living area, so it’s good.” Also, at one point I think we had around 30 people on our deck one summer evening.”
This modest home with a wrap around porch might not look like much, but when you get closer you’ll see it has a lot more to offer.
The main entry french doors welcomes guests into the living room/common area. Grim explains that the unique look of the walls is created by a material called American Clay. website
The old-style stove/heater is complemented by a pair of windowsill chairs that offer guests additional seating and turn the windows into a miniature room.
These benches are perfect for reading in natural light. The counters expand to provide more space in the kitchen but also serve as an office for Grim. 

The kitchen is next to the living room. It has a nice, wrap-around table for food prep and even eating.
The sink and two-burner range are located opposite the counter. They overlook the backyard and hammock.
Wood drawers, cabinets, and shelves are arranged in the kitchen to give the homeowners a variety of storage options that don’t stand out.

Open shelves serve a dual purpose. They can be used as storage and rustic decor.
Wrap around table allows two people to comfortably sit on the counter.
A wall of shelves and hanging storage is located under the bed. It is large enough to accommodate a two person wardrobe. 
The steel drum tub/shower is located opposite the closet. It allows a person not only to soak their feet, but also to dip them.
But can also be used as a standard shower. The pebble floor around the shower gives it the most unique and original look. 
Above the shower/closet is the bedroom. It is spacious and has a large skylight. This allows for natural light to enter the room during the day and a view of the stars at night.
The bedroom is easily accessible and still offers a good amount of privacy.
The wood deck is a great place to gather during warmer weather, and the glass roof allows sunlight in or keeps rain out. 
This tiny home is a great way to enjoy the outdoors. Its wood design reflects the outdoors, but it also has the comforts of home.
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