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We’ve Found The Perfect Log Cabin For Relaxing Holidays

  • 3 min read

This log cabin is a beautiful one-and-a half-story with two bedrooms and a complete bathroom. Conestoga Log Cabins Vacationer Log Cabin measures 727 square feet in total and costs $44,900 US. The Vacationer is a wonderful vacation log cabin and is called the Vacationer. This is Conestoga’s most well-known small log cabin. It can be your home away from home for summer vacations and winter holidays. The home’s deck is stunning, as can be seen in the Conestoga Log Cabins photos. The log cabin kit includes a 6 foot wide covered porch. However, it can be expanded as the owners have shown. Although it will cost more, it will be worth it if your outdoor activities include spending a lot of time outdoors. A dining set and a wood stove can be combined to make summer evenings more pleasant. The cathedral ceiling in the great area of the log cabin is one of the first things that you will notice. Higher ceilings can create the illusion of a larger space. This log cabin also features a loft, which can be accessed via a ladder. It can be used for additional storage or sleeping space.

The Vacationer measures 17 feet by 31 inches and is slightly larger than the Heritage log cabin style. It measures 14.7 feet by 27 foot. This Vacationer has two bedrooms which are ideal for families with kids. They can enjoy a campout together by setting up some bunk beds in their cabin. The log cabin design includes a fully equipped kitchen that can be used to prepare healthy, homemade meals. The Vacationer, as all Conestoga Log Cabins’ cabin designs, can be customized to your liking. This allows you to make any changes you wish to the floor plan. For an additional fee, you may add a stainless-steel sink, an electric stove, or custom cabinets. You can add a sturdy screen door to your cabin, which is essential in the summer, and a well-insulated, metal door for winter. You can also add furniture or a heating/cooling unit to your house.

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