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Would You Live in a $1500 Old Hickory Shed Home?

  • 4 min read

This might be the most affordable housing option we’ve seen. We share many ideas here, including prefabs, metal buildings, tiny homes and anything else that we think you’d be interested in. This idea will fit in perfectly with the other odd but inexpensive options.

Old Hickory sheds are available for less than $1500. This price is for the model with windows and a small porch. It looks almost like a little home — definitely compares with cabins and tiny homes. It’s a shed. These “utility style” playhouses are sold along with their sheds, which are sold as “barns”, “lofted sheds”, and “utility sheds”. But they are as big and spacious as a cabin, with dimensions of 12 X24 (you can order them larger) and 8 foot walls. The photo shows a porch, 2 X 3 window and a 9-lite window door. As you can tell from the photo, many people have already used these for residential or semi-residential purposes.

And they have smaller ones with less fancy builds that cost even less — like under $1000. Imagine how one of these sheds would look as a tiny house. You could mount one on a truck trainer to tow it. Note though that they aren’t built for that — it’s just an idea for transport — so you wouldn’t necessarily want to take them on the highway or over any rough ground.

You can’t expect a cabin to meet the building codes of a house. However, you can still live in one as you would in a small cabin if you don’t violate any zoning laws. They could serve as a backyard guest cabin, since you can put a shed in there with no problem. This one looks like a cute little tiny home. What if a bed, and all the other things you’d normally find in a cabin were to be placed in there?

In addition to size options, you have the option of choosing roof options (black or dark brown, evergreen or weathered wood), as well as metal woods available in four colors.

One of the most interesting aspects of this idea is that they offer different building options when you order. A tiny cabin could come with different sizes of windows, including double-paned ones, doors, such as double wooden doors, garages (if you’d like to store things or a vehicle inside), shelves, workbenches, lofts and porch railings. You can order your tiny home cabin in any way you like, as long as you stick to the basic rectangular shape with windows, a front door, and a porch.

You could rent one first. The company that makes these sells (either as a prefabrication, or assembled on location when it can’t be shipped for whatever reason). Rent to own is another option. They also come with a 5-year warranty.

There is also free delivery and installation. I’m sure anyone considering the tiny home option will want to know that: “Buildings can be delivered at the sales site within 5 days, weather permitting.” Ordered Treated & Fir buildings can usually be delivered within 10 to 15 days (weather permitting). Ordered painted and metal buildings can usually arrive within 15 to20 days (weather permitting). Note: Buildings with non-standard metal colors will require an additional week. No site preparation is required (if the site is accessible by truck and/or trailer and is not more that 3 feet out-of-level). The free setup includes leveling using concrete blocks supplied by the customer and pressure-treated shims supplied by the driver. Drivers can provide concrete blocks at a minimal cost. First 30 miles are free. Over 30 miles will incur an additional charge.

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