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Would You Pay just $8,720 for this Charming Log Cabin?

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This Bertsch Utah log home is available from Simply Log Cabins. It is the perfect addition to your garden or for a forest retreat. Many people love the idea of owning a cabin that feels like a home away form home. A place one can retreat to and unwind in the peaceful and nurturing environment of nature. People with stressful lives or jobs are finding it more important to get away from the city and find peace and tranquility. It can make a big difference in someone’s day. These structures can be used as a kind of mini oasis, office, or guest home.

The Bertsch Utah cabin is very simple and easy to use. It is a log home measuring five meters by five meters square. An optional deck can be added to the front. If the cabin is used for recreational purposes, it could have a bed, a kitchenette with a hotplate or microwave, and a small table to eat at. It could also be used as a home office to store a desk and work from. You could even put a bed in it so your guests can have their own little home when they visit. These units are small and versatile.

A patio would be an excellent addition to the cabin. It costs only a few hundred British Pounds more and would allow for additional seating outside. The cabin kit is made from tongue in groove Nordic Spruce Log, which looks great with the rich, warm colour. Bituman felt roofing can be used as a roof, but there are two windows and a door included in the price of the log cabin. To let more light in the small space, the door is a double-glazed door with glass panes. The low price is 6, 268.50 British Pounds without the patio, or 6,898.50 Pounds with the veranda. It would look great set up as shown in the photos with some seating and perhaps a barbecue outside to enjoy a delicious meal.

Simply Log Cabins ships free to Great Britain, and for a small fee to other countries. The cabin can usually be delivered to the site in four to six weeks depending on where you live. Customers are welcome to finance the cabin at as low as 156.40 Pounds per month. This is very affordable. Simply Log Cabins offers a wide range of log structures throughout the United Kingdom, Europe, and beyond. They have one of the largest selections of UK gazebos, sheds and garages. You can also order smaller log cabins, such as the Bertsch Utah log cabin, which will be delivered directly to your site. Perhaps this little cabin is the one you are looking for to make your own little forest getaway or backyard sanctuary. This cabin and many others are available on the Simply Log Cabins website. Even if your goal is not to purchase, it is still a great idea to have a look at the various options and what they have to offer.

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