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Writer Lovingly Restores The 216sf Old Miner’s Cabin

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Cathy Scott spends much of her time writing crime novels and doting on her three long-haired Chihuahuas that she rescued. Somehow, though, she found the time to restore a building that was made to be a shelter for gold miners in the Cuyamaca Mountains of San Diego County in 1928. After being abandoned for over 50 years, she brought the 216 square foot home back to life and better than ever.

Old Miner’s Cabin Tiny House

The home was originally built based on plans from the 1920’s Sears and Roebucks house kits. Now the fully renovated tiny house has everything you could want in a modern retreat. The exterior was painted a light brown that blends perfectly with the large deck and white accents accentuate the windows and eaves.

Old Miner’s Cabin Tiny House
Before we step inside, you have to pay attention to the intricate details on the chunky front door! The dark color is a bold contrast to the crisp white interior and warm hardwood floors.

Old Miner’s Cabin Tiny House

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