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You’ll love what they did to the upper floor in this beautifully designed cabin

  • 3 min read

Log cabins are often simpler than you might think. Modern wooden homes often lose sight of what is important in rustic living. This is why log cabins are so popular.
Appalachian of Australia built the Gunderman log cabin. It represents a return back to simpler times. The cabin’s elevated location captures the stunning views perfectly. The simple interior is simple and elegant, but still retains the rustic feel of rustic living. You want to see inside?

The main living area is open-plan and includes a sitting room, dining space, and kitchen. The wood’s darker tones can be offset by the abundant natural light that floods in through the windows with prow-shaped shapes. The large, elevated deck is accessible via sliding glass doors.
This room has a double height and is open to the loft above. It allows plenty of air to circulate through the cathedral ceiling. The house’s layout is perfect. It has enough space for everyone to live comfortably. The quality of wood used for construction is evident in the flooring and ceiling panels as well as in the staircase.

The loft space can be used as a second living room for quieter, more intimate moments. It can be easily customized to fit the needs of the buyer, making it a great second bedroom and home office.
The cabin has one bedroom and one bath. It is perfect for your outdoor lifestyle.
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